Let’s Talk Midtown, NY Architecture

Let’s Talk Midtown, NY Architecture

Receive a consultation on your whole home renovation

Whether you’re welcoming home a new family member or switching up your style, you should call Efrain Jimenez to creatively renovate your residence. You can find the extra space you need without leaving your school district or uprooting your career. Simply call (212) 918-0650 to schedule a home renovation estimate in Midtown, New York.

Our general contracting company works with reputable architects, but we also serve as project design leads. Request more information on recommended architects or discuss your vision with Efrain. We proudly remodel Midtown condo and co-op interiors with class and ingenuity.

Efrain can design on your budget

Living in one of the world’s most beloved cities is expensive. While we can’t renovate your home for free, we can accommodate a variety of budgets. You should feel comfortable and welcome in your own living space. Make necessary upgrades and adjustments and hire Efrain Jimenez Jr. We’ll inspect your home, suggest ideal services and provide a comprehensive project proposal. Contact us at (212) 918-0650 for:

  • Room extensions
  • Room additions
  • Basement installations
  • Wall removals

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