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Efrain Jimenez Jr. completes historic home renovations

As a New York local, you wholeheartedly believe the Manhattan skyline is unrivaled in beauty and grandeur. Every tourist wants to snap a photo of the Empire State Building, but what the tourists don’t know is that your neighborhood has just as much history and charm. If you reside in a Midtown, New York landmark building, maintain its value and character by contracting Efrain Jimenez Jr. for a historic home renovation.

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If you’re living in a shoebox, we’ll maximize your space

Sure, moving to the city and paying too much for a tiny apartment earns you street cred. But do you want to build your life in the cramped confines of a shoebox home? Efrain Jimenez Jr. specializes in whole home renovations. We’ve reinvented Midtown, New York houses, condos, co-ops, and apartments for over 36 years. Better utilize the space you do have by calling (212) 918-0650 for your consultation and construction estimate.

Consider a modern Midtown, NY remodel

Our family-owned company is led by Efrain Jimenez – a dependable contractor, entrepreneur and project manager. Whether you’re prepping for a residential or government remodeling job, you’ll receive reliable communication and contracting information from Midtown’s preferred renovators. Contact Efrain to discuss customization options and your ideal construction timeline.

You won’t regret selecting an innovative general contractor to meet your local remodeling needs. With a licensed and insured team of builders, Efrain Jimenez Jr. is prepared to carefully and efficiently tackle brownstones, high-rises and more.

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